Elevated Consignment is Calgary’s first consignment facilitator dedicated to the taller-than-average consumer. This means women’s fashions for those 5’ 8” or taller, and men’s fashions for those 6’ 0” or taller. Here at Elevated, there may be a minimum height requirement, but the sky is the limit!

Elevated was created by a born and raised Calgarian, who being a 6 foot 2 inches tall woman, has always struggled with finding the right clothes, and is frankly tired of the limited options to purchase, and always paying premium for newly manufactured items!  Elevated Consignment aims to connect the taller than average women and men of Calgary and surrounding area to create opportunities to sell goods they’re tired of wearing, and to purchase quality items that will be new to them!

We are also passionate about our environmental footprint on mother earth and how consignment can help us reduce that footprint. As our fellow taller than average friends know, it’s impossible to venture out to other local consignment boutique’s and actually find something that fits! 


Creating value for our taller than average population in finding gently used great fashions and giving them a fresh lease on life!


To become a local community of taller than average folk who:

  • provide new life for great clothing
  • create value for both buyers and sellers
  • reduce our collective environmental footprint
  • divert clothing waste from arriving in foreign landfills

Join us in the journey!



Elevated is Bullfrog Powered!

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Hitting The Pause Button

Thank you for your interest in our community!  We are hitting the pause button on our online store.  Apologies for any inconvenience.  We have dreams of a brick and mortar store.  Please subscribe below to hear any future updates.


The Elevated Team

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